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Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandma

1st November 2019

Buying Christmas gifts for your grandmother can be difficult, especially when grandmas are known for having everything. But even if your grandma carries half a pharmacy in her purse, we think she could probably find room in there for a good book. Here are our favorite Christmas gift ideas for grandma, books that she’ll enjoy this year and next. Most are available for under $25, so they won’t break the bank, either!

A Christmas Classic

Even if your grandma isn’t a big reader, she’ll still appreciate a gorgeous collection of beloved, classic Christmas tales that she remembers from her childhood. Whether she cracks the cover or not, a beautifully designed Christmas book will look great on her bookshelf or coffee table this holiday season!

Our Recommendations

Classic Christmas Collection

This hardcover collection is sure to become a precious family heirloom and appear on the coffee table every Christmas.

Vintage Christmas

Whether in a set with A Classic Christmas or on its own, A Vintage Christmas is an attractive collection of lesser-known Christmas stories and poems that Grandma will treasure.

Max Lucado Christmas Collection

This special collection of classic Christmas stories by best-selling author Max Lucado is sure to touch and inspire.

A Love Story that Transcends Time

Everyone loves a good love story, and what better time to read a love story than during the holidays, when our hearts are open to love and anything can happen? If your grandma has ever told you the story of how she and your grandfather met, you know there’s a little twinkle of romance still left in her eye. Get her a timeless love story that she can savor during long winter nights.

Our Recommendations



Grandma will lose herself in the inspiring and improbable true love story of writers Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis.

Catching Christmas

This feel-good Christmas book features a loving, eccentric grandma looking for love for her granddaughterhope that it doesn’t inspire yours to do the same!

Wholesome, Clean Reads

If your grandma is like most, she probably misses “the good old days,” a mythical time when people never said bad words, always said hello to each other on the street, and everyone showed up at church, every Sunday morning. If your grandma laments over the loss of politeness and the lack of good, clean entertainment, like Little House on the Prarie and The Andy Griffith Show, a wholesome read free of swearing, violence, and suggestive situations will be perfect.

Our Recommendations


The Dating Charade front and back covers

This sweet and wholesome romance with Brady Bunch vibes is a must-read for grannies who want a contemporary romance with more traditional values.


strands of truth by colleen coble

For grandmothers who love a good mystery, but not the violence in many of today’s suspense novels, Colleen Coble provides the perfect amount of suspense without the grit.


The Baggage Handler

If your grandmother likes inspirational stories like The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews or Dinner with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory, she’ll love this inspiring tale that explores the baggage we carry.

A Trip to Amish Country

If your grandma loves visiting Amish Country, give her the gift of a trip, any day, any time with heartwarming Amish fiction. These stories dive deep into the fascinating culture, language, and beliefs of Amish and Mennonite communities, and they’re as warm and inviting as a handmade Amish quilt! For the grandma who loves Shaker chairs, fresh honey, handcrafts like sewing and crocheting, and sweet, homemade recipes, the world of Amish fiction has it all.

The Bake Shop front and back covers

This story is as sweet as the baked goods it features! Gran can visit Lancaster County’s Amish market without leaving her favorite chair.

listening to love by beth wiseman

What happens when the Amish and the Englisch (what the Amish call non-Amish people) meet? A great read for those fascinated by Amish life!

An Amish Christmas Bakery Standing Paperback Min

Christmas + baked goods + Amish = the perfect recipe for a delightful Christmas read for a sweet grandmother like yours.