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PAPER AND PROSE: A Blog by the Fiction Editors of HCCP

How to Find Great Books for Your Book Club

How To Pick Great Books For Your Book Club

22nd January 2020

Starting a book club is a great way to combine socializing with reading, and great book club discussion not only helps us better understand and appreciate the book we’ve read, it can help us to better connect with others and understand the world in which we live. But to have…

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How Audiobooks Can Help You Read More

How Audiobooks Can Help You Read More

25th November 2019

If you want to read more, reading in the traditional sense isn’t your only option. Audiobooks are a great alternative to reading physical books, one that’s especially useful for those of us who have busy schedules. And with new audiobook services and apps like Audible,, Overdrive, Hoopla, and so…

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5 Strategies to Read More

Girl Reading Book with text overlay 5 Strategies To Read More

22nd November 2019

Everyone wants to know how to read more. You hear it all the time, “Oh, I haven’t read that yet, I just haven’t had the time,” or “I wish I had more time for reading, but…” At a minimum, you’ve probably never heard someone lamenting that they read too much.…

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Anyone On Your List

Vintage Christmas Lifestyle

1st November 2019

Do you have a cousin who is hard to buy for? A coworker you don’t know well for the office Secret Santa? A friend who already has everything? Want to have a backup gift in case your uncle brings his new girlfriend to the family festivities? Here are our favorite…

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandma

Classic Christmas Amish Christmas Bakery Lifestyle Web 1 1

Buying Christmas gifts for your grandmother can be difficult, especially when grandmas are known for having everything. But even if your grandma carries half a pharmacy in her purse, we think she could probably find room in there for a good book. Here are our favorite Christmas gift ideas for…

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A Sneak Peek Into Becoming Mrs. Lewis

Becoming Mrs Lewis Sneak Peek1

1st October 2018

We all have books that we love, that we go back to again and again, right? Not only is Narnia my favorite place to escape to, but the day I first stepped through the wardrobe with Lucy Pevensie is also one of the most vivid memories of my childhood—it was,…

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What Is Christian Fiction?

Editorial Faves

24th September 2018

It’s amazing how often I still hear that question, even after working in this industry for almost fifteen years. There are some who have no idea whatsoever of how to define it; others who aren’t sure how something can be both “Christian” and “fiction”; and still others who perceive that…

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An Ode to Libraries

Ode To Libraries Feature

18th September 2018

My childhood library was in the basement of an ugly building with no windows. But the characters I met there and the worlds I explored more than made up for the bleak architecture. I remember spending hours wandering the aisles before plopping down on the well-worn couches, surrounded by stacks…

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What Is Amish Fiction?

What Is Amish Fiction Feature

“Amish romance?” Followed by a short chuckle and perhaps the question “what is Amish fiction?” When I tell friends and loved ones what I edit, a confused giggle is the typical response. I get it! To anyone outside of the Christian fiction sphere (and even to some inside of it),…

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Tour of an Editor’s Desk

Editors Desk Feature

Hi, y’all! I’m Jodi, Editor on the fiction team at HarperCollins Christian Publishing. My work involves a few different tasks like managing schedules, guiding books through production (the last phase before they go to print), maintaining metadata integrity (the details at online retailer sites), and working on line edits for…

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