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Cole and Laila are Just Friends: A Love Story


Cole and Laila have been inseparable since they could crawl. And they've never thought about each other that way. Except for when they have. Rarely. Once in a while, sure. But seriously . . . hardly ever.

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Cole Kimball and Laila Olivet have been best friends their entire lives. Cole is the only person (apart from blood relatives) who's seen Laila in her oversized, pink, plastic, Sophia Loren glasses. Laila is always the first person to taste test any new dish Cole creates in his family's restaurant . . . even though she has the refined palate of a kindergartener. Most importantly, Cole and Laila are always talking. About everything.

When Cole discovers a betrayal from his recently deceased grandfather that shatters his world, staying in Adelaide Springs, Colorado, is suddenly unfathomable. But Laila loves her life in their small mountain town and can't imagine ever living anywhere else. She loves serving customers who tip her with a dozen fresh eggs. She loves living within walking distance of all her favorite people. And she's very much not okay with the idea of not being able to walk to her very favorite person.

Still, when Cole toys with moving across the country to New York City, she decides to support her best friend--even as she secretly hopes she can convince him to stay home. And not just for his killer chocolate chip pancakes. Because she loves him. As a friend. Just as a friend. Right?

They make a deal: Laila won't beg him to stay, and Cole won't try to convince her to come with him. They have one week in New York before their lives change forever, and all they have to do is enjoy their time together and pretend none of this is happening. But it's tough to ignore the very inconvenient feelings blooming out of nowhere. In both of them. And these potentially friendship-destroying feelings, once out in the open, have absolutely no take-backs.

If When Harry Met Sally had a quippy literary love child with Gilmore Girls' Luke and Lorelai, you'd get Cole and Laila. Just . . . don't tell them that.


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“Small town romance? Check. Friends-to-lovers? Double check. Enough romantic tension to keep you turning pages well into the night? That's a big check! I couldn't put down Cole and Laila's love story.”

—Erin La Rosa, author of Plot Twist

“Bethany Turner has taken my favorite trope, friends-to-more, and created the most heartwarming, joy-filled, tender story in Cole and Laila Are Just Friends. It’s absolutely wonderful! Their love for each other brews from the first page all the way through to the beautiful finale. Why it takes them so long to realize how made for each other they are, well . . . sometimes falling in love with your best friends is complicated. With all sorts of pop culture references and a first ‘fake’ date to BEAT all first ‘fake’ dates, this book is Turner at the very top of her game. Do yourself a favor and pick up this gem of a story.”

—Pepper Basham, bestselling author of Authentically, Izzy and The Mistletoe Countess

"I always thought, Once you're in love, the only place you ever fall in love again is the movies. But you can fall in love again reading this book."

—Delia Ephron, bestselling author, screenwriter, and playwright


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Bethany Turner has been writing since the second grade, when she won her first writing award for explaining why, if she could have lunch with any person throughout history, she would choose John Stamos. She stands by this decision. Bethany now writes pop culture–infused rom-coms for a new generation of readers who crave fiction that tackles the thorny issues of life with humor and insight. She lives in Southwest Colorado with her husband, whom she met in the nineties in a chat room called Disco Inferno. As sketchy as it sounds, it worked out pretty well in this case, and they are now the proud parents of two teenagers.

Connect with Bethany at or across social media @seebethanywrite, where she clings to the eternal dream that John Stamos will someday send her a friend request.


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