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The Baggage Handler

What baggage are you carrying?

In a similar vein to The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews or Dinner with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory, The Baggage Handler is a contemporary story that explores one question: What baggage are you carrying?

Three people take a flight that will change their lives forever.

Fresh off a run-in with his wife, harried businessman David disembarks the plane angry and impatient.

Gillian thought she would be more excited about coming to her niece’s wedding, but she is just hoping to survive.

Malcolm has gambled everything on this trip to start his fledgling artistic career. To him, failure means working in hardware in what his father calls “a real job.”

After each picks up the wrong suitcase, they make their way to a mysterious baggage depot in a deserted part of the city. There they meet the Baggage Handler, who shows them there is more in their baggage than what they have packed.

A simple baggage mix-up at the airport is more than an inconvenience when it forces three people to face the baggage they are unknowingly carrying around.

In this modern-day parable about the burdens that weigh us down, David Rawlings issues an inspiring invitation to lighten the load.

Industry & Author Praise

“The Baggage Handler by David Rawlings is an extraordinary novel that lingered in my heart long after I finished it. Rawlings’s fabulous writing highlighted the unusual premise that had me thinking about my own baggage. I want everyone I know to read this!” Colleen Coble, USA TODAY bestselling author of The House at Saltwater Point and the Lavender Tide series

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Meet The Author

David Rawlings

David Rawlings

You’ll find I’m based in Adelaide, South Australia, I am a sports-mad, married father-of-three with my own copywriting/communication business who reads everything within an arm’s reach. I can spot a typo from across a crowded room and always – always – make sure my text messages are grammatically correct. Oh, and I love cooking, comedy and surfing.

But who am I really? I’m the guy who asks “how are you?” and waits for an answer. I’m the guy who asks the second question so we can talk about real things, in a way that helps all of us understand this thing called life.

I’m a writer. Always have been, always will be.

And while I’ve been published in the non-fiction arena, having penned two books that follow my expertise, I’m now heading into fiction.

My writing brings together my Christian experience and life experience, and I write novels that talk about everything from the media to consumerism to atheism to megachurches to advertising to family relationships to carrying emotional baggage.

The best stories come out of passion – and I write about subjects that I’m passionate about: where we fit in modern society, or how reality TV isn’t real, or how consumerism is driving us apart. I love passionate stories, where I can tell on page one that a novelist cares about an issue, and they’re hoping that I’ll care too.