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Beloved writer Sean Dietrich—also known as Sean of the South—returns with a rich and nostalgic tale about community, kindness, and the meaning of the everyday incredible.

“Dietrich meshes mystery and romance beautifully in this moral tale about one man set on using what is left of his life to enrich the lives of others. Dietrich’s fans will love this rip-roaring, dramatic inspirational.”

Publishers Weekly on The Incredible Winston Browne

Sometimes ordinary people do the most extraordinary things of all.

In the small, sleepy town of Moab, Florida, folks live for ice cream socials, the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the local paper’s weekly gossip column. For decades Sheriff Winston Browne has watched over Moab with a generous eye, and by now he’s used to handling the daily dramas that keep life mildly interesting for the town’s quirky residents. But just after Winston receives some terrible, life-altering news, a feisty little girl with mysterious origins shows up in his best friend’s henhouse. Suddenly Winston has a child in desperate need of protection—as well as a secret of his own to keep.

With the help of Moab’s goodhearted townsfolk, the humble and well-meaning Winston Browne finds that he still has some extraordinary life left to live. He finds romance, family, and love in unexpected places. He stumbles upon adventure, searches his soul, and grapples with the past. And in doing so, he just might discover what a life well-lived truly looks like.

What Authors & Readers are saying

Sean Dietrich has given us an absolute treasure of a novel . . . Dietrich is an author who understands the hidden landscape of a soul; his voice both clear and authentic. The separate storylines are vivid and distinct yet they also move inexorably closer to each other in a world both cruel and beautiful. Healing and hope come alive in these characters, allowing it to come alive in us.”Patti Callahan Henry

“Sean Dietrich—you already love him. Prepare to love him even more for giving you this story—Stars of Alabama—the characters, human and canine, that will sew themselves to your very heart.Jill Conner Browne

“Sean Dietrich has woven together a rich tapestry of characters—some charming, some heartbreaking, all of them inspiring. Stars of Alabama is mesmerizing, a siren’s call that holds the reader in a world softly Southern, full of broken lives and the good souls who pick up the pieces and put them back together into a brilliant, wondrous new mosaic full of hope.”Dana Chamblee Carpenter

“Sean Dietrich’s Stars of Alabama is a beautiful novel, mesmerizing with its complex characters, lush settings, and lyrical language. It is, quite simply, Southern literature at its finest.” —Southern Literary Review 


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